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The Certification
​Energy Focused Leadership coaching certification is a comprehensive experiential growth experience which helps you develop and understand the power of the energy you posses and emit, and how as coaches we have a direct impact on the energy of our clients. We provide you with the environment and the information to help individuals and organizations turn obstacles, and challenges into opportunities. A place where personal and organizational growth and insight are accelerated.  

Coaching Solutions
Energy Focused Leadership®
Coach Certification

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*You will learn the biochemistry of personal energy and how the mind, physical condition, diet and spiritual ability affects the quality and quantity of energy an individual posses

*You will learn how to assess individual and organizational energy

*You will learn how to keep a leader focused on developing high energy, high performing teams

*You will learn how to facilitate the appropriate energy to match the challenge

*You will learn personal and organizational energy habits to maintain a high positive perspective amid large strategic changes 

Why LSI?
We are one of the first Coach Certification programs in the world.
Of the first we are the only founded by an officer in a Fortune 100 company.  Thus our programs are grounded in real world working environments.  
Our proprietary Energy Focused Leadership® core is designed to meet the dynamics of today's professional world.