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Energy Focused Leadership for Leaders is a comprehensive experiential growth experience which helps you develop and understand the power of the energy you posses and emit. We provide you with the environment and the information to turn obstacles, and challenges into opportunities. A place where personal growth, and insight is accelerated. A place of inter-reflection where quite thoughts turn into dreams and dreams meet passion and become reality.
Do you as the leader generate or drain energy from your team? The number one responsibility of a leader is to act as a facilitator and conductor of energy. Do you motivate, inspire creativity, commitment, and risk taking? Todays leaders are under much more pressure than in years past they are expected to drive results while retaining top talent with less resources. They are expected to be available 24/7. It is easy in this fast paced hurried world to loose sight of your number one responsibility. 

*You will learn the biochemistry of your own energy and how your mind, physical condition, nutrition and spiritual ability affect the quality and amount of energy you posses*
*You will learn to shift from fear base to confidence base leadership energy*
*You will learn how to assess individual and organizational energy*
*You will learn how to facilitate the appropriate energy to match the challenge*
*You will learn personal and organizational energy habits to maintain your and your team's high positive energy perspective amid large strategic changes *​
Energy Focused Leadership® 
for Leaders

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