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The Question to Ask Yourself When You Start Getting Mad

by Sueños on 06/09/17

There's this brief moment before serenity turns into frustration where you feel your heart start to go into overdrive, your hands get sweaty, and your vision starts to glaze over. It's in that split second that you're able to ask yourself one very important question. "Is this worth losing my center?" Take the other person or event into consideration and ask yourself, "is this worth giving up my sense of peace for." Maybe you're being attacked by a bear, in that case, adrenaline will probably do you a bit of good. However, as bear attacks are less frequent than frustrating co-workers, or horrible traffic, I'm going to use those as examples.

In these cases I ask you what good is being frustrated going to do you? If you need a solution, and quick, all being angry is going to do is whip blood away from your brain and into your extremities. This of course decreases its functioning. So, not only are you dumping mounds of cortisol into your blood stream, but you've also allowed yourself to become less mentally acute. Was this worth it? Was that few seconds of self-righteous anger worth you losing the place where your best ideas are formed, and your ability to execute is located. I certainly don't think so.

I leave you with this, this week end. Your center is yours, and the illusion that other people have the ability to make you mad, is just that, an illusion. It's always your choice, so get the best you can at choosing.

This is a guest post by one of our coaches Diego-Andreas. If you like this post, and want to read more like it, check out his blog at

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