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Why Covid-19 Is So Scary

by Sueños on 03/25/20

Why covid-19 is so scary.  Beyond the serious health concerns. It is destroying all the status quo.  All what we consider our normal and predictable life.  It has triggered a very primal fear. The fear of the unknown!  Humans hate and fear change! Even if we are miserable, we want things to stay the same. Because it is at least predictable misery. We know exactly how miserable we will be when we wake up in the morning. Yet change is the one constant of this human experience. It is the one certainty. Yet, we are in a continuous battle with it.  As unsettling as change is, its' path and effect on us is predictable.  It is this predictability which allows us to develop skills to facilitate change into our lives.  Change takes a set of known facts, routines, and conditions and replaces them with a new unknown set of facts, routines, and conditions. Below are the steps you can take to facilitate change into your life.

         Affect                                                   Solution

1. Fear of the Unknown                  1.  Gather information                                                               about the change

2. Overwhelmed                              2. Prioritize                                                                              information gathered

3. Out of Control                              3. Develop a Plan

The more you practice these steps the better you will get at them. Over time they will become part of your subconscious and you will automatically facilitate change in this way.  This will become part of who you are.  A very liberating and powerful part.

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