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Are You Where You Want To Be?

by Sueños on 08/08/17

Are you where you want to be?  Not meant to start the morning so heavy.  Yet many of us rush off to a routine before ever coming close to contemplating is this what I want to do?  Is this what I am meant to do?  If the answer is yes, I applaud you.  If the answer is no, why not?  Why have you chosen to be quiet in your despair?  Two of Thoreau’s quotes have always stayed with me, “Mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation (I am sure he included women too) and only when they come to die learn they have not lived.”  While they are two separate quotes I think they fit quite well together.  I think here lies the challenge how do we get from where we are to where we are meant to be?  We first must awaken from this routine and live consciously.  Make a commitment to ourselves to live directly with purpose and passion.  To do less is to come to die and know we have not lived.    

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