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The Power of Keeping Your Energy Centered

by Sueños on 03/23/18

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Many times when we spend to much time in our mind or body we become uncentered.  In these moments we are connected to Ego or what Nashua's  call the human being.  The human being constantly needs to be fed.  It demands continuous attention.  It is always afraid and insecure.  So we lash out or inward in anger, verbally or physically.  When we spend time in spirit we are connected to the source of all energy.  Thus our energy is centered.  When we are connected to the source we are connected to our authentic self.  It is strong, abundant, creative, at peace.   This is why when you meditate, pray, or spend moments of quite reflection there is a peace all around you.  You are connected to the source.  You are in spirit, inspired.

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